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Open dialogue improves ingredient value chain

…control of those directly involved in the feed and animal agriculture business. Meat exports, currency exchange rates, feed ingredient prices, consumption trends, government policies, consumer demand and the potential for…

Value proposition of soybean meal must grow

…tools that allow for it to be used more effectively. An ingredient’s value proposition is a function of several factors. Nutrient profile and cost are among the most obvious. Other…

Soybean Meal – Swine

A technical writer for the Pork Network investigated whether feeding higher levels of soybean meal makes good economic sense with the recent lower corn and soybean meal ingredient prices. Soybean…

Dietary Protein Levels for Broilers

…high-protein diets when highly digestible ingredients such as soybean meal and fish meal are used. However, maximum breast meat yield requires a high-protein diet and is not affected by ingredient