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NIRS may provide rapid evaluation of amino acids

In a recent report in Feedstuffs, an industry group has reported that near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) is able to predict total and digestible amino acid of high protein feedstuffs. This type of information will be useful for feed manufacturers in monitoring quality of incoming feed ingredients and the ranking of batches of feedstuffs on nutritional relevant parameters. At present, it is not possible, or practical, to formulate rations using the nutrient profile of the individual batch of feedstuffs available at the feed mill. NIRS techniques are close to being able to accurately determine the total and digestible amino acid levels of each batch of feedstuff within the cost and accuracy constraints of a commercial feed formulator. Using NIRS equipment to monitor the quality of feed ingredients arriving at the feed mill should provide a market advantage to high quality soybean meal.

Van Kempen, Theo and David Jackson. 2002. NIRS may provide rapid evaluation of amino acids. Feedstuffs. December 2.