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Soybean Processing Affect on Protein Quality

In an attempt to determine optimal processing conditions to maximize amino acid digestion, soybean meals were produced with different toasting conditions. The depth of the meal was varied in the desolventizer-toaster to simulate different toasting conditions. The resulting meals were evaluated using ileal-cannulated pigs and cecectomized rooster assays. Results indicated that varying the depth of the meal in the D-T unit had little effect on digestibilities of nutrients in soybean meal for swine or poultry.

Pope, Lynda and co-workers. 2004. Effects of altering bed depth in the desolventizer/toaster used in soybean meal preparation on nutrient digestibility by ileally cannculated pigs and cecetomized roosters. Poster #T43, p174 of the 2004 Joint Annual Meeting abstracts.