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Soybean Composition and Management Practices

Research conducted in Kentucky evaluated various management options for producing value-added soybeans in the South Central Region. Three tofu-type and three high protein soybean cultivars were compared to commodity-type soybean cultivars under various nitrogen and plant density treatments over four locations and years. Both the high protein and tofu-type soybean cultivar had comparable yields and generally greater protein levels and larger seed compared to the commodity soybean varieties. They observed that cultivars with a greater than ten percent higher protein concentrations yielded less than other value-added or standard check cultivars. They concluded that value-added soybeans respond to management practices used to grow commodity soybeans. Neither changes in plant populations or late season fertilization was necessary to maintain yield or protein levels equivalent to the standard cultivars.

Kumundini, S., and co-workers. 2005. Management and production potential of value-added soybean cultivars in South Central USA. Agronomy J. 97(3): 904-909.