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Comparison of quality characteristics of soybeans from Brazil, China and the United States.

Researchers at the University of Illinois compared the nutrient composition of soybeans grown in Brazil, China and the U.S. Soybeans were collected and analyzed for various nutrients important to the feed industry.

Results indicated that dry matter, organic matter and ash content differences were small and probably reflected the individual samples. Differences in crude protein, amino acids and lipid content were detected both within and between countries. Soybeans obtained from China (40.86%) had greater crude protein levels compared to Brazil (41.58%) and the United States (41.58%). The average oil concentration was greatest for the soybean samples from the United States (18.70%), Brazil (18.66%) compared to China (17.25%). These composition values reflect the environmental condition under which the soybeans are grown. These results are important to the feed industry since the composition of soybean meal is directly influenced by the composition of the soybean and the processing conditions.

Composition of soybeans from Brazil, China and the United States (*)
blank Brazil China United States
Samples analyzed 48 49 36
States/Provinces involved 5 6 15
blank blank blank blank
Dry Matter 86.98(a) 92.33(b) 93.86(b)
Organic Matter 94.89(a) 94.58(b) 94.56(b)
Ash 5.10(a) 5.42(b) 5.4(b)
Crude Protein 40.86(a) 42.14(b) 41.58(ab)
Lipid 18.66(a) 17.25(b) 18.70(a)
Neutral Detergent Fiber 13.36 13.79 13.85
Protein Solubility (**) 27.68(a) 29.18(b) 30.80(c)
blank blank blank blank
Essential Amino Acids blank blank blank
Arginine 2.87(a) 3.04(b) 3.08(b)
Histidine 1.08(a) 1.08(a) 1.21(b)
Isoleucine 1.62(a) 1.72(b) 1.91(c)
Leucine 3.30(a) 3.12(a) 3.32(b)
Lysine 2.48(a) 2.56(ab) 2.60(b)
Methionine 0.28(a) 0.41(b) 0.42(b)
Phenylalanine 2.04(a) 2.05(a) 2.19(b)
Threonine 1.56(a) 1.60(a) 1.75(b)
Valine 1.69(a) 1.80(b) 2.03(c)
blank blank blank blank
Nonessential Amino Acids blank blank blank
Alanine 1.76 1.75 1.79
Aspartate 4.50(a) 4.76(b) 4.95(c)
Cystine 0.75(a) 0.88(b) 0.61(c)
Glutamate 7.27(a) 7.43(a) 8.00(b)
Glycine 1.66(a) 1.72(a) 1.83(b)
Proline 2.04(a) 2.22(b) 2.44(c)
Serine 2.14 2.20 2.24
Tryosine 1.39(a) 1.25(b) 1.42(a)
blank blank blank blank
Total Essential Amino Acids 16.64(a) 17.39(b) 18.51(c)
Total Nonessential Amino Acids 21.52(a) 22.12(a) 23.29(b)
Total Amino Acids 38.17(a) 39.51(a) 41.80(b)

(*) All values are expressed as per cent dry weight and means in the same row with different letters differ (P<0.05).

(**) Protein solubility in potassium hydroxide.

Grieshop, C.M. and Fahey, G.C. Jr. 2001 Comparison of quality characteristics of soybeans from Brazil, China and the United States. J. Agric. Food Chem. 59(5):2669-2673.